There was only the grinding sound of metal against metal. The brake pads had disintegrated. The grinding friction only managed to slow the car to slightly more than a hundred miles per hour.
The cars bore down on the bridge.
A combat-booted foot gunned the accelerator of the black car. The car lurched ahead. The police car was halfway across the three hundred-foot span of the bridge when, with a bone-jarring thud, the black car careened into the left rear of the police car.
Johnson fought to control the car. He quickly realized it was a battle he had no chance to win. The police car began to spin out of control. It crashed into a guardrail and went airborne, catapulting over a low railing. Into the darkened depths of the river it plunged. A geyser of frothing water rose nearly as high as the bridge. In an instant the car was sucked below the surface.
The black car never slowed. The driver switched off the four headlights and pulled the night-vision goggles back over his wide eyes.
He began to whistle as he drove off into the darkness.
COVER  ART  BY  mpMann
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 A grisly high-speed suspense novel with a thirst for blood. A psychotic driver of a black car has caused police to be on edge. Officers fear they may be next to die, should they encounter the black car. The car exceeds two hundred miles per hour, and slams the life out of anyone unlucky enough to be in it’s deadly path. The police try everything possible to stop the car but, as if the devil himself were driving it, nothing can stop it. 
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