3333 YEARS
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COPYRIGHT © 2010 Joel Goulet
Tut emerges into the modern world and becomes sought by government agents. From the past King Ay and his High Priest, a master of the Book of the Dead’s black magic, have also been reborn. Tut must now face the agents and somehow defeat his former mentor’s evil High priest.
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In a dark alley within the city of Cairo, Egypt a blinding flash lit up a thirty-foot swath. From out of thin air a figure appeared, toppled to the ground and lay in a fetal position. Eighteen year old, Ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun lay there, gasping for breath. He drew in deep breaths, expanding his lungs to the point where they ached. All the while he was becoming cognizant of his strange surroundings. He sprang to his feet and quickly backed up against a brick wall. Fear and anxiety gripped him as never before. Stunned by what had just happened he did not recognize anything. His eyes moved constantly as he took in every sight. He stood still for five full minutes, frozen by terror and cloaked in bewilderment. Slowly, cautiously he walked toward a light at the end of the alley, all the while looking around at the strange looking buildings. 
He emerged from the darkness. He stopped at the end of the alley and stood beneath a streetlight. He was wearing only a loincloth and an undergarment. Slowly he ran a hand over his arms, his chest, and his face, feeling flesh that had felt the grip of death for more than three thousand three hundred years. 
“I live again,” Tutankhamun said, speaking in his ancient dialect. He pinched himself and felt the slight pain. “It is real.” 
There came a second blinding flash within the alley. Minutes later a hulking figure of a man emerged from the darkness. The man was clothed in a leopard skin garment. He came up to Tutankhamun and stood behind the king. The man had served as a high priest during Tutankhamun’s reign and had officiated over the king’s mummification and burial. His name was Jemghod. 
“I am here to serve Pharaoh, and to help return him to his rightful rest in the underworld,” Jemghod said, bowing his head in respect. He too spoke in the ancient language. 
Tut glanced back at the high priest. “I do not wish to return to the underworld as yet.” 
“But, Your Majesty, you must!” Jemghod said. He quickly became silent as Tut raised a hand to stop his speaking. 
“I live again, Jemghod,” Tut said. “We live again. How is this possible?” He turned and faced the priest. “How have we come to whatever time this is?” 
“The powers of the Book of the Dead are great, Your Majesty,” Jemghod said. “Surely great enough to return you to your rightful rest.”
Tut turned his back to the priest. “Look around, Jemghod. What marvels do you see? Look there.” He pointed to the streetlight. “How could the light of Re be captured and placed at the end of a pole? And look at the strange looking dwellings. Surely these things are not of our time. I cannot go back to the underworld just yet.” 
Jemghod looked down the street and saw a billboard with an advertisement about the King Tut exhibit at the Cairo Museum. The writing on the sign was in English, clearly meant for tourists to be able to read it. To Jemghod the wording was unrecognizable. He closed his eyes for a moment, opened them and again looked at the sign. He could read every word. “Strange,” he said softly.