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If you like your reading material to be out-of-the-box different, 3333 Years, is definitely meant for you. This is no “Cookie Cutter” plot. Joel Goulet is an innovative writer with his unique blend of action packed storyline told in a passive voice. Time travel has the Egyptian boy
king, Tutankhamun and his high priest coming to grips with the modern world.
It takes a thunderstorm in Milwaukee and a computer geek, Sebastian Habeck, writing his term paper at the very last minute, to rack havoc on the Egyptian Underworld of the dead as the computer starts reading aloud The Book Of The Dead. Tut, the boy king is reborn into the modern day world where he is smitten by Professor Darnel’s daughter, who looks very much like his beloved and long since dead wife, Queen Ankhesenamun.
But then, when things go haywire, it takes everyone’s ingenuity to make things right again. This action packed story will have you gasping as the unaccountable and unbelievable happens. And yet, you’ll get your happily ever after ending.

JoEllen Conger
Conger Book Reviews

I just completed 3333 Years. Excellent. It's action-packed story line took me across two continents at such a pace that it was hard to put the book down. I found the mix of historic facts, vivid descriptions, and characters from ancient times in a modern day setting very engaging. There is a twist at the very end which left me smiling as I closed the book. It seems Joel has figered out what has eluded scientists and historians for years ... Paul Bratz