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Lieutenant Mitchell is an aging cop whom no one in the department really likes that much. However, he is a good officer, and has been pretty successful in solving crimes in his county during most of his career.
Suddenly Mitchell has three dead cops on his hands – all killed by a mysterious black car that seems indestructible. No police car can catch it, and it is bulletproof.
Shawn Scott is a rich recluse who lives in Mitchell’s county. His whole family is dead. Most recently, Shawn’s sister was killed by a cop who was running silent during a high-speed chase. Shawn’s sister did not know the police car was coming and was hit while crossing the street. The police claimed that the girl had not yielded to the police car. Shawn saw a cover-up and suspected that justice had never been served.
This thriller takes more twists and turns than the car in the story! Joel Goulet has created a mind-bender that had me saying “huh?” as I finished reading the last paragraph. With every ride the black car took, I could feel the power of the engine and hear the screeching of metal on metal as the car takes on the police. I found myself at times talking out loud trying to direct the search.
If you have any friends that like crime thrillers, this is one that you will want to pass around the group.
Reviewed by: Kathy

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I was recently handed a copy of the novel Thundering Vengeance by Joel Goulet to read. Now I'm not big on book reading, but I thought I'd give it a try. After I started reading I thought, hey, this is pretty good. I was picturing all the scenes in my head because they were so well detailed in the book. By the time I hit the second chapter I couldn't set the book down. In the end, after reading the book, I thought it was extremely well written and would encourage others to pick up a copy of their own.
Damian Henry
Bowler, WI